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Eagles vs Dolphins

Fernando Jeronimo | Advertising Manager

Only two of the 32 NFL teams stand undefeated but the question is which one will stay undefeated the longest? I will take a deep dive into both teams schedules and see which one has the best chance. Philadelphia Eagles

Looking at the Eagles winning the last three games, they managed to beat the Detroit Lions in a tight one 38-35 in the season opener and managed to cruise the next two weeks handling both the Minnesota Vikings and Washington Commanders. Next five games: vs JAX, @ARI, vs DAL, vs PIT, @ HOU.

These next five games will be challenging for the Eagles as both Jacksonville Jaguars and Dallas Cowboys hold a 2-1 record, and the Arizona Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers hold a 1-2 record. The only cakewalk game the Eagles have would be against the winless Houston Texans. I think the Eagles will come out of these next five games being 7-1 suffering their only loss to the Jaguars. The Jaguars looked very good last week against the Los Angeles Chargers, and I think they could be in line to upset this week against the Eagles. If the Eagles can walk away with a win against the Jaguars they can go 8-0 in their first eight games. Last nine games: vs WAS, @ IND, vs GB, vs TEN, @NYG, @CHI, @DAL, vs NO, vs NYG.

These last nine games are easy in my opinion with some not-so-great teams but some interesting matchups. I would say the hardest games for the Eagles in these last nine are the Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys. Some matchups to lookout for are the Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints. With Aaron Rodgers doing his thing and Dak Prescott expected to be back those two games, I think the Eagles will drop those. Some questionable games that could flip either way are the Colts and Saints games. I do not know how to look at those two teams with the Colts upsetting the Chiefs but not being able to beat the Jaguars and the Saints having a good team but not being able to get the offense going yet to win games. Overall, these Eagles will finish the season 14-3 and depending on if they come into Week 18 clinching the number one seed, they could drop their last game to rest their starters for the playoffs. I predict their record by the end of the season will be 14-3.

Season Record: 14-3

Miami Dolphins

These Dolphins have come out looking great their first three weeks handling the New England Patriots in their home-opener, having a great comeback against the Baltimore Ravens to win 42-38 (after being down 35-14 at one point) and managing to hold off the Buffalo Bills in a tight one after almost choking it at the end giving up a safety off a “butt-punt.” Next five games: @CIN, @NYJ, vs MIN, vs PIT, @ DET

These next five matchups are favored matchups with every team except for the Minnesota Vikings (2-1) being 1-2. The Vikings only loss was to the other undefeated team, and I think that happens again with the Dolphins. The Lions will also be an interesting one with their high-powered offense ranking number two only behind the Ravens with the most points scored so far this season. With many of these teams not having great defenses and the Cincinnati Bengals having offensive line problems, I think the Dolphins have cleaned up their toughest matchups in the first three weeks and stay 8-0 after the first eight. Last nine games: @CHI, vs CLE, vs HOU, @ SF, @LAC, @BUF, vs GB, @ NE, vs NYJ

These last nine get interesting for the Dolphins and they will be put to the test to finish off the season. They finish business against the Chicago Bears, Cleveland Browns, and Houston Texans to move their record to 11-0 but their next four games will be very challenging. With Jimmy Garoppolo back for the San Francisco 49ers, they have a greater chance to win games than Trey Lance. Watching the 49ers lose in a low scoring game against the Denver Broncos and showing no real offense, I think it is safe to say that the Dolphins will clean up business even though running back Elijah Mitchell should be cleared and back for the 49ers.

With the Chargers struggling this past week, quarterback Justin Herbert is dealing with an injury but should be fully healthy by this game as well as having wide receiver Keenan Allen also back. I think the Chargers gave this team their first loss of the season. They go to face Bills the week after in Buffalo and it's going to be a tough one for the Dolphins to be able to sneak out of this one being a revenge game. The Bills should end up being victorious to give the Dolphins their second straight loss. Then they face the Packers, and this is the game fans will start to panic after they will drop their third straight to go to 12-3. Their last two games should be cakewalks with two struggling division teams. The Patriots should split the series but with their team not looking good and showing any signs of promise, the Dolphins should sweep the series as well as sweeping the Jets. Again, depending on how the rest of the AFC looks heading into Week 18 this could be just like the Eagles and they could rest their players if they clinch the number one seed.

Season Record: 14-3

I did a poll on Twitter @SportsTimeHQ to ask which team will finish the season with a better record and at the time of writing this out of 201 votes, 80% say the Eagles with the other 20% saying Dolphins. Overall, as much as you wanted to know which team would have the best record to cap the season off and did the exact opposite and had them finishing with the same record. If you want to know my take on which team finishes with the better record it would have to be the Eagles with them having a slightly easier schedule than the Dolphins.

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