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About The Campus Lantern

Established in 1945, The Campus Lantern is the student run newspaper for Eastern Connecticut State University. We've been releasing issues for years, both in print and online. Unlike other campuses, ECSU's newspaper is entirely student run. All the articles are written by our lovely staff or any contributing students.

The Campus Lantern has four sections: News, Opinion, Arts & Entertainment, and Sports. We also have an Expressions section for creative writing, poetry, art, photography, and anything else that doesn't quite fit in our other sections. 

Our staff meetings are Thursdays, 4:30-5:30pm, but right after that are our general meetings. Anyone can join us on Microsoft Teams to discuss what they want to see in the newspaper. You just have to email us for the link!


If you want to find us, go to the Student Government Association Suite, on the bottom floor of the Student Center. We discuss articles, have food, and talk about ideas for the club such as apparel or events. 


Newcomers are always welcome to stop by!


If you would like to have your piece published in the paper, please submit the form below. Make sure to attach your file as a Word Document or PDF! Submissions (excluding Expressions, which can be up to 1,000) should be between 350 and 750 words, with no specific formatting requirements. The editors will take care of the rest! 

Email us at with any questions or stop by our office!

Ps. The Campus Lantern does not own any of the images on the site and the credits go to the image's owner.

Our Staff

Our Staff

Editorial Board 22-23

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