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Conversations with Connecticut State Leaders

Ndeiye Tall | Contributing Writer

The Political Science club’s purpose here at Eastern Connecticut State University is to create a common ground, involvement, and advocacy for students in the political science department and majors. We are also here to help students navigate career paths based on their interests. We will be teaming up with career services to do so. Additionally, this club can help students advocate and speak up about current events, political issues, and policies at state and international levels.

Two political science students influenced the club in an international relations class taught by Dr. Akwei. The students were engaging in discussions about current political issues in Haiti. Then the students proceeded to mention that they believe there should be a platform or space where students can discuss political issues going on internationally and state level. This indicated that the students wanted a club here at Eastern, such as the political science club. I discussed the plan to bring back the political science club with a few students in the political science department, and they agreed to re-establish the club. In our discussion, we mentioned plans to bring elected U.S. officials to attend one of our meetings and be a guest speaker. Senator Murphy and his internship coordinator will be our first two guest speakers. This would be an excellent opportunity for students here to converse with State leaders and officials about U.S. domestic and foreign policies and politics and great internship opportunities for students. Many of our students in the political science department want to gear their career path toward law, government, and international relations. Campus engagement with students is critical to get students to be proactive.

With collaboration with the Political Science department, we are pleased to announce that Connecticut U.S. Senator Murphy and his Internship Coordinator will come to campus on April 12th at 4 pm in the Student Center theater. Senator Murphy will be presented by President Dr. Elsa Nunez, followed by introductions by Dr. Akwei and the president of the political science club Ndeiye Tall, with presentations about ongoing and current political issues in Connecticut by Sen. Murphy. The conversation will end with an open discussion with Q&A.


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