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Why Netflix’s “Sex Education” Should Be On Your Watchlist Next Month

Abigail Moore | Staff Writer

Let's talk about "Sex—Education." Instead of spending 20 minutes scrolling through the endless shows and movies, Netflix has to offer, save some time, and go right to the Top 10 show, "Sex Education." If you've watched it already and can't get enough of its angsty teenage characters and 80s feel, a fourth season is expected. This steamy British comedy series talks about all things sexy. Not only is this show vibrant, funny, and filled with great actors, it addresses a spectrum of hard-to-talk-about issues, not all sex-related.

The cast is diverse and undoubtedly hilarious. They all bring life to this 3 season show. Otis Milburn (Asa Butterfield) lives with his sex therapist, mother Jean (Gillian Anderson), and attends Moordale Preparatory. Otis works with a classmate, Maeve (Emma Mackey), to council peers on, you guessed it—sex. They set up sex therapy sessions for their fellow peers for all the gossip and extra cash. Otis is a natural, and the two stick together (for the most part) for seasons to come.

In the most recent season, Season 3 (released on Sept. 17), we see new characters and even more of the characters we already know and love. There is more perspective with flashbacks and even more character development. It's progressive and fun. The show addresses a host of issues. The students of Moordale Prep. are left to face many injustices after the second season, with a new Head Teacher. The show tears down stereotypes and misconceptions about sex. "Sex Education" addresses even more complicated topics like struggles with sexual assault and mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety disorders, and self-identities.

This show gives teens of today a more realistic look at what relationships and intimacy are all about. The representation in "Sex Education" only improves as it continues to air. Teens across the globe can feel seen and represented. Realistic characters are not just the typical white, cisgender, and heterosexual characters seen in many teen shows. We see queer relationships, nonbinary characters, disability representation and so much more

In addition, viewers are exposed to characters' home lives, which aren't filled with a glorified take on teen life. Many characters struggle to have meaningful relationships with their parents and struggle with the toxicity of their friendships. Some struggle with finances, or their new family dynamic.

"Sex Education" certainly isn't for everyone, but do give it a chance. It's provocative but also thought-provoking. It only sugar-coats teenage life a bit with bright colors and a retro theme. The scenery is great, and so are the characters. These characters learn, grow, and mature over time. Being a teenager is hard, and this is quite evident. It's awkward and uncomfortable but has its moments. These characters navigate teenage life together. Students at Moordale Prep. resist their strict and outdated education, standing up for what's right, together. Relationships are weird and confusing, and these students know this for sure. So, if you are looking for something new to watch, this is the show for you.


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