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Who Says I Can't?

Malek Allari | Editor-In-Chief

The profile, by ESPN, filmed about Rob Mendez, a football coach with no arms or legs, was perfectly made according to multiple criteria viewed through the 15-minute film. These criteria range from the elements of storytelling to the build of the profile, the lighting captured in each scene, and the sound used while filming the film.

The elements of storytelling were as outstanding as they can be, starting with Mendez’s life as a newborn by showing pictures and videos that the family took when he was younger, to the current filmed games and what happened after he achieved his dream and is still achieving the impossible by being a head coach with no arms or legs.

The build of the profile itself was great. The filmmakers knew what they were doing when they interviewed Mendez, his parents and family, his employer, and the children he has been coaching. In addition to that, the camera angle captured the entire scene of the person being interviewed by setting it a little to the side and having the interviewer be looked upon without ever being shown in the film.

The lighting and sounds of the film, it perfectly captured the scene and the emotions that came with it. How the music changed when the team lost, or the excitement before the game with the chant that repeated, “Who said I can’t? NO ONE!”

All in all, the short film that was a profile was perfectly made and made professionally.


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