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Setting Up the Deadlines

Malek Allari | Editor in Chief

When it comes to achieving goals, there are several elements that humans need to have or do to finish a job or work. One of those elements is setting up deadlines for one’s self. Moreover, not only do you need deadlines and meet them, but you also need to set up new goals and work on the new ones once you finish the old ones. No matter how hateful deadlines are, they are important. They are like an invisible magical force in the back of the mind that tells you to do something, no matter how much you do not want to. Deadlines are one of the top motivators in life because subconsciously, people know that they have to do something, even though they might not like it.

To relieve yourself from stress, not only do you need to set up personal deadlines, but you also need to avoid procrastination as much as possible because it is a killer. Procrastination is a force that prevents someone from completing a task on time or at least delaying your task until the very end. Now, setting up personal deadlines and working on them prevents procrastination and help you to work harder, better, and stress-free for the time you are working in.

Setting up deadlines also helps with time management because people are aware of what they need to finish, how, and when. Knowing all these comes as no surprise to people who achieve what they want. There are many ways to know what you want to do and how you want to do it, but without a personal deadline, there will be no telling when you are going to do it.

Deadlines are scary, and they are the enemy, but sometimes, they can be a friend that leads us to the end of the tunnel and helps us achieve what they want. Next time you try to do something, whether personal, classwork, or a group project, set a deadline and try to achieve it. You will see how much you can do once you put your mind to it.


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