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Psychological Therapy

Malek Allari | Editor in Chief

The true meaning of therapy is the treatment intended to relieve or heal a physical, psychological, or spiritual disorder. However, there is no singular form of therapy, for it could come in many ways and times. It could be medications, a person to talk to, a midnight ride, or even a movie or a TV show alone or with friends and family. As therapy is meant to heal and relieve pain, it must be done safely. Safety is the number one factor in any action to be taken by yourself or others. Failure to do so will result in either severe injuries or even death.

Everyone goes through something, and the severity depends on the person themselves rather than society, and it is not up to people to decide whether someone’s mental health is worse or better than another’s. As people have the freedom to express their feelings, they also have the freedom to express them in ways that are suitable for them without people trying to interfere with them, as long as it is safe. If you or someone you know is going through something and have no way of expressing them, you have to find a way to, it is healthy, and there is no shame in doing it. The most attractive aspect about someone is asking for help when they need it, it is not the weakness that comes from it, but the strength to acknowledge that help is needed.

To some, the best therapy is the classic approach of seeing a therapist and engaging in conversations with them. Asking and answering questions that are revealing to both parties. In therapy, therapists often guide you to find the answer rather than give it to you. It is the journey that is meaningful. It is the journey that is healing, and the goal of it all is to come out stronger than ever. Therapy can last a week, a month, years, or even decades; therefore, as long as your journey progresses, therapists will stay with their patients until the end.

Another great therapy approach is long drives with music. Whether there is a destination in mind or just taking random exists and turns, it is still therapeutic. Bear in mind that the speed that comes with it is the deciding factor of how safe it is, and the driver’s skills too. The faster the driver goes, the more dangerous it becomes. The more dangerous it becomes, the less therapeutic it is, and it just becomes insanity, for safety is no longer a factor in the equation to make it therapy.

Hiking is also a great form of therapy. The wilderness is a therapy for the mind and soul, and the walking and running that comes with hiking is therapy for the body. Hiking is a great sport, it builds all the muscles in the body, and it helps with refreshing the mind by seeing the organisms and trees that are within the area. There is a sense of accomplishment in hiking, after all the hard work, people are rewarded with majestic views and an incredible feeling of happiness.

Choose the best therapy that suits you, and let anyone tell you that you can not do it. However, once it becomes a safety issue, it is no longer therapy but self-harm to you and others. As people have their freedom, it does not come at the cost of the well-being of the person or others. No matter how much of a stranger someone is, they do not deserve to be harmed in any possible way for someone to feel good about themselves.


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