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Nineteen to Thirty: The Growth of Adele from a Teen Till Now

Sophia Henry | A&E Editor

On Oct. 15, 2021, singer-songwriter Adele came out with a new song after 6 years of a musical hiatus. She released “Easy On Me" as part of her newest album 30, that will be released Nov. 19, 2021. Although she is currently thirty-three, Adele has always titled her albums the age she was when she wrote them, so her albums are a collective narrative of her life and her growth as a person and artist. This is her fourth studio album that will work as a reflection of her divorce from her ex-husband Simon Konecki who while together for seven years, was only married for two. The album also discusses the challenges of motherhood and the challenges of being in the public eye. The album includes songs titled “Strangers by Nature”, “Easy on Me”, “My Little Love”, “Cry Your Heart Out”, “Oh My God”, “Can I Get It”, “I Drink Wine”, “All Night Parking”, “Woman like Me”, “Hold On”, “To Be Loved” and “Love is a Game”, with a deluxe edition that comes with bonus tracks such as “Wild Wild West” and “Can’t Be Together”.

“Easy On Me” is such a beautifully sad song. It starts off with an instrumental that is melancholy and slow. There are some really powerful lyrics in here like “But I can’t bring myself to swim when/I am drowning in this silence baby let me in” or “I changed who I was/To put you both first but now I give up”. Overall it does feel uplifting to a point, the listener can tell that although Adele was struggling for so long, she learned a lot of lessons along the way and it overall made it her a better person, but also as the song says, go easy on her.

Adele’s first album 19, came out in 2008, Adele’s second album 21 came out in 2011, her third was 25 back in 2015, and now we are at present. For people born in 1999 like me, I basically grew up with her. In 2008, I was eight, in 2011, I was eleven and so on. So to see her growth while I also grew-up is cool to see because I am able to not only reflect on her growth through each album but also reflect on where I was during that time period too.

Adele is known for being a powerhouse of an artist as all of her songs are always so beautiful and strong. This album is going to be an anthem for any woman who has ever gotten divorced and I think will help these women gain their power back. I am so excited to hear the rest of the album but for now I will have “Easy on Me” on repeat and recommend you should to.


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