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NBA Announce Golden State Warriors to Host 2025 All-Star Weekend

Joe Paige | Sports Editor

Earlier this week, NBA commissioner Adam Silver announced that next year's All-Star Weekend will be hosted by the Golden State Warriors in San Francisco. The events will take place between February 14-16, 2025. A few of the events apparently will take place at the team's former home in Oakland, California.

It will be the third time that The Golden State Warriors host an All-Star weekend, they previously were the hosts in the years 1967 and 2000. The events will take place between February 14-16, 2025. A few of the events will apparently be held at the team's former home in Oakland, California. It’ll include the All-Star Celebrity Game, the NBA HBCU Classic, All-Star practices, and the G League Next Up Game.

Chase Center will be the site of the Rising Stars Game on All-Star Friday, the All-Star Saturday Night lineup including the 3-point contest and dunk competition, and the All-Star Game itself on Sunday.

This year, the all-star game will be held in Indiana hosted by The Pacers. The 73rd NBA All-Star Game plans to bring back both the traditional scoring system with four 12-minute quarters as well as the classic Eastern Conference vs Western Conference format. There'll be no changes to the voting process that determines who gets to be an All-Star, still 12 players will be selected from each conference.

About two years ago we were introduced to a new game format, where for each quarter the score would reset, and the goal would be to win the quarter. And then, in an untimed fourth quarter, the game concludes when one team reaches or surpasses a Final Target Score. The teams will, however, continue to compete for a charitable organization of their choosing.

Recently, it’s been reported that the NBA is looking into potentially changing the format for next year's All-Star game. With the possibility of a Ryder Cup style format pitting a USA team vs a World team. It’ll certainly be interesting to see what other changes the NBA decides to make to the All-Star game format that we’ve all grown accustomed to.


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