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Murder Mystery Two a Netflix Comedy Success

Paige Stegina | A&E Editor

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston are back at it in Netflix’s Murder Mystery Two. The movie was released on March 31st, and over the weekend it has become the second biggest opening weekend for a Netflix comedy movie. The movie has reached over 42 million times in its debut weekend. The movie follows Nick and Audrey as they struggle to create business off of their private investigating after the first movie. They are invited to Vik’s wedding, a rich individual who they met in the first movie. However, he is kidnapped before his wedding. Nick and Audrey have their list of suspects, all of who are close to him with various motivations. However, the couple quickly become suspects of the kidnapping, still attempting to solve the case even as they are thought to be guilty.

The film is filled with plot twists that are ridiculously absurd, but hilarious at the same. Although it was slightly predictable as to who the mastermind was behind the kidnapping, these sharp turns in the plot keep the viewer guessing until the end. But in all actuality, it is not the kidnapping or the mystery that makes the film. As was the case with the first film, Sandler and Aniston’s chemistry carries the story, with seamless dialogue and humorous bickering between the couple. The action scenes in the film, and there are a few, are all infused with humor and comedy. Even with the life or death stakes at multiple points in the film, a quick quip from Sandler, Aniston, or a side character brings light to the scene.

Overall, this movie is a light and humorous watch. The movie ends with the opening and opportunity for the story to be continued in the future. With the success of the movie and the four film deal that Adam Sandler has with Netflix, it is quite possible that viewers will be getting another installment of the story.

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