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Kanye West and His Ever-Burning Bridges

Cory Jennings-DuBois | News Editor

Kanye West, the billionaire rapper who owns the major shoe company Yeezy, is now known as Kanye West, the former billionaire rapper who formerly owned Yeezy. Mr. West is infamously known for his controversial presence on multiple social media platforms, and his latest stunts have seemed to come back and spite him.

Kanye West is a household name that has grown ever since his debut in 1996. He is incredibly popular within the rap and hip-hop community, with his 12 plus albums and various features. He is a very talented singer, rapper, and fashion designer, but another thing Mr. West has a knack for is getting himself in trouble with the public.

West, throughout the most recent weeks, has dug himself a great hole when it comes to his social media posts. He posted a picture of him in a “White Lives Matter” shirt- the meaning of this closely related to Ku Klux Klan ideologies. Kanye West- a black man- has gotten much backlash from the black community about this post. He’s promoting racist views and discriminatory beliefs, though this is not his first incident. He has been one of the rap representatives of anti-Blackness since the beginning of his fame, as well as misogyny, anti-sematism, Pro-Trumpism, and slavery-denial. His past tweet that said “I’m a bit sleep tonight but when I wake up I’m going death con 3 on Jewish people, The funny thing is I actually can’t be Anti Sematic because black people are actually Jew also”, is just one example of many that has caused an uproar for many communities. People have been angry for a very long time about his use of fame and voice, since his influence reaches everyone from young teens and on.

Another string of incidents that has occurred over the past weeks is his overwhelming number of privacy-invading posts. West had a major outburst about various different things, and had posted screenshots of private texts messages with his friends as they were trying to get him to stop. Along with this, West had multiple comments regarding his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, and how she has “taken away his kids”, and “did him dirty”. Both Kim and Kanye are equal in popularity among society, so this did not blow over well with a big portion of the drama- following public.

One of the major events that just broke news as of late was his nullified contract with many major companies. The Gap, Instagram and Twitter, Def Jam, and Balenciaga has recently announced that they are all dropping any affiliation with West. The one that has seemed to have the largest effect on Kanye West is the discontinuing of his contracts with Adidas. West partnered with the major fashion company in 2015 to create his multimillion-dollar shoe brand, Yeezys. This brand is incredibly popular with the public, but is now nothing but discontinued brand. Now, the brand is said to be in Kim Kardashians name, as she was cofounder of the brand.

West was very proud of Yeezys, the name even being a derivation of his own alias, Ye. Naturally, West was very upset. Sometime yesterday, West stormed into a Sketchers, demanding that the company work with him. What he was not aware of was that the manager of said Sketchers was Jewish himself, and with West’s anti semantic past, he was quickly escorted out.

As of yesterday, West deleted all but 4 of his Instagram posts, which is a win for the public, but can be seen as his way of making a point. And everyone can be sure that this is not that last statement to be made by Kayne West.


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