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Kadaver: A Thriller Masterpiece

Malek Allari | Editor-In-Chief

When it comes to modern horror and thriller movies, studios are falling a little bit short of creating new expectations. However, the Norwegian thriller movie, Kadaver, which came out in 2020, had a different idea in mind. Instead of having the typical setting of spirits, ghosts, zombies, and other mythical “scary” creatures, Kadaver focuses on the gruesome emotion of survival.

The story is out in a rural village that survived the nuclear war. With livestock, crops, and people dying and perishing from radiation and starvation, the main character, Leo, who was an actress for the local theatre, had to accept an offer to watch a play with her family. When they arrived at the big hotel/mansion where they were supposed to watch the play, the producer had a different idea in mind. At first, he gave his audience food to start off the night and then declared that the entire building was the stage. The audience was to put on a golden mask and go wander behind doors and follow other unmasked people, who were the actors.

Now, not to spoil the movie too much, we will have to talk about the main theme of the story that was shown by the Norwegian masterpiece. The basic instinct of human survival and where they find comfort. It is natural for someone to hold on to their life and try to stay alive by eating and drinking. However, to what extinct will they be able to do it? The movie Kadaver it showed that humans are ready to kill in order for them to feel the safety behind closed doors.

As the audience starts to disappear and more questions pop up here and there, the movie’s ending solves every mystery in the movie. However, as any masterpiece ever made and written, it leaves its audience with a poetic scene and the hunger to know what happens next.


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