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How I Talked to Stephen A. Smith

Fernando Jeronimo | Staff Writer

You might think it is impossible to talk to someone in the sports field as big as Stephen A. Smith. You would be wrong. On January, 30th, I got the chance to talk to him live on his show called “The Stephen A. Smith Show.” Earlier in the day, I saw him tweet a message on Twitter (X) that said he was in the studio and he was taking calls in, so I decided I would give it a shot. I had no intentions of actually having the chance to talk to him but I decided to try anyway. His tweet had the number so I tried to call in and everytime I tried to call, the call would drop and say “Call Failed.” Then at one point, the phone started ringing and I panicked, but the panic ended quickly because the call dropped. So I was back to spamming the call button in hopes it would ring again. Finally, after 101 phone attempts, it started to ring... and ring... I thought maybe the call would drop again. All of a sudden, I heard a voice, it was the producer of the show.

He asked me, “name, where are you from, and what’s your question.” I answered his questions and then he told me that if I stayed on the phone I would have the chance to talk to him. At that point, I started shaking and was very nervous. I waited on the phone for about 40 minutes until I was able to ask my question to him but I got to listen to his show over the phone which I found pretty cool. I wish I had the chance to ask him a different question because I did not feel confident in my question and I panicked and felt rushed when I had to give my question. My question I would have asked him was if the Dallas Cowboys should move on from Dak Prescott because he is passionate when talking about the Cowboys. You can watch the full video on my Tiktok called SportsTimeHQ, I will link it down below.

| TikTok Video:

| Full show:


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