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Highly Anticipated Titles of March 2023

Paige Stegina| A&E Editor

A new month brings all new types of entertainment. This month brings many new titles on different streaming services, as well as cinema and video games. Here are a few of the most highly anticipated titles of March 2023.


Following the trailers released during the Superbowl, Creed III, 65, and Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves are being released this month. As the ninth installment of the Rocky universe, Creed III will be released on March 3rd. 65, the science fiction thriller which follows Adam Driver after he is transported to the time of the dinosaurs will be released on March 10th. Woody Harrelson will star in Champions will release on March 10th, a movie which follows a team of players with intellectual disabilities and a former minor league basketball coach who manages them. Viewers of the Scream franchise will get a new installment on March 10th.


The second installment of the fourth season of You will be released on March 9th. The second season of Shadow and Bone will be released this month, continuing the stories of Alina, the Darkling and the Crows. Recognizable characters from the novels, such as Nikolai Lantsov, Wylan Hendriks, as well as Tolya and Tamar Yul-Bataar will be introduced in this season.. Also releasing this month is Murder Mystery Two, Luther: The Fallen Sun, Chris Rock: Selective Outrage, and The Magician’s Elephant.

Disney Plus

As one of Disney’s most successful Star Wars television shows, The Mandalorian’s third season will be released this month. There are eight episodes in the season, with one episode expected to be released every Wednesday starting on March 1st. Also in the Star Wars universe, The Bad Batch will continue releasing episodes this month.


Perry Mason will premiere on HBO Max this month, and well as the fourth season of Succession. In addition, Rain Dogs, a dark comedy, will be released on March 6th. Perhaps the most anticipated will be the season finale of The Last of Us on March 12th.

Video Games

Peaky Blinders will get a virtual reality video game in the form of Peaky Blinders: The King’s Ransom. In addition, Forza Horizon 5: Rally Adventure DLC will be released on March 29th.


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