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Five Tips to Have a Successful Semester

Jenna Lawrence | Opinion Editor

  1. Practice time management 

Practicing time management is extremely important to having a successful semester. Get a planner/ agenda or use Google Calendar and/ or to-do on Office 365. There are other digital calendar and agenda options available as well. If you plan out all your tasks and create plans for completing assignments and plan time for yourself, sticking to it will lead you to have a better and less stressful semester. 

  1. Connect with classmates 

Make connections with your peers! It is always beneficial to have someone you can trade notes with, study with, and ask questions to. Your peers could help you understand concepts you might not have a great understanding of and vice versa.  

  1. Ask for help 

Take advantage of your professors’ office hours and their willingness to help you. Offering help is what they are there for! Asking for help could even mean asking peers.  

  1. Choose new study spaces 

Whether it be your desk, a common area, the library, or the Student Center, picking a space dedicated to studying and doing homework will help you focus and complete your assignments.  

  1. Attend your classes 

Something super simple that will boost your chances of getting a good grade and doing well in a course, is just attending class. Attending class helps you be present and more immersed in your courses. It allows you to be in a learning environment that is engaging. If you go to class, you are more likely to do better than you would if you didn’t go. 


You can achieve a successful semester in many other ways, like setting goals, getting enough sleep, and taking care of yourself. Even if you only follow a couple of these tips, you are sure to do well in your classes. Good luck this semester! 


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