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Final Mock Draft with Trade Scenarios Continued by SportsTimeHQ

Fernando Jeronimo | Advertising Manager

I expect there to be more trades than what we have seen in recent years. Last year we saw three trades happen and this year expect more than five. The reason I say this is the fact that all these players in this year’s draft has not been set in stone where they are landing. Recent years we have known just about 99% of who the number one overall pick would be but this year there has been many different names thrown out that the Jaguars could draft.

Possible Trade Up Teams:

Saints, Steelers, Chiefs, Chargers, Packers

Even though about any team could trade up if they really want their guy, these are the most notable that could trade up. Reason I suspect these teams is two of them like the Saints and Steelers have capital where if they wanted to trade up for say their quarterback of the future, they could do that. They could get either Willis, Pickett, Corral, Ridder or any other possible quarterbacks since we really do not know where they will land. As for the other three, they could move up for wide receivers. The Chiefs and Packers lost their star receivers and with two first rounders to use they could move up to get their next future star wide out. As for the Chargers, there has been many speculations that they are going to draft a wide receiver. I do not think they need to or even should until at least day two but if this is the case and they have one and only one that they want there could be a guy they trade up for maybe even Jameson Williams, Drake London or even Garrett Wilson.

Honorable Trade Up Teams:

Patriots, Falcons, Seahawks

These teams are honorable because they may decide at the last second, they want to trade up. Last time they drafted a wide receiver in the first round was when they drafted N’Keal Harry and look where that turned out. They traded for DeVante Parker, and I do not see them using a first rounder on a receiver, I think they could be targeting someone like DB Devin Lloyd, CB Trent McDuffie, or CB Andrew Booth Jr. Now any of these players could fall to the Patriots but they may want to trade up a few spots to secure them. As for the Falcons and Seahawks, they are in need of a quarterback and if this is the case that they see one they like and think a team in front of them will take theirs they may trade up to the Giants, Jets or Texans.

Possible Trade Down Teams:

Lions, Texans, Jets, Giants, Packers, Chiefs

These teams are possible trade down candidates and that’s because they all have two picks in the first and if they want to get more capital and get a guy later in the first or even in the second round, they have the capital to do so as well. Lions and Texans need just about everything, and they could try to get more capital for the following rounds as well as future years. As for the Jets and Giants they have two in the top 10 and may try to trade down to the middle of the first while Other teams are aggressive for a quarterback or wide receiver. Packers have two in the 20s and they could use one to pick and then trade out of the first for a second and third rounder. As for the Chiefs, they have back- to-back picks and yes they could trade up as well as The Packers but I am not sure if the Chiefs will make both back to back picks and instead trade them.

Honorable Trade Down Teams:

Vikings, Ravens

These are teams that could trade out of the middle of the first round to the later first round since these are teams without wide receiver help and need more defensive help. They could trade with the Saints, still get their top guy if it becomes a wide receiver run in the middle of the round. I did not mention the Eagles because this is a team that may look to draft another wide receiver again with one of their picks. I would not be surprised if they did but I do not think they should and instead find a star in a day or two since this draft has a deep wide out class.


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