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Golden State Warriors Eliminated by Sacramento Kings in Play-In Tournament

Joe Paige | Sports Editor

The Sacramento Kings eliminated the Golden State Warriors from playoff contention Wednesday night in the play-in tournament. Sacramento will face the New Orleans Pelicans, who lost to the Los Angeles Lakers in their play-in game, on Friday night for the last remaining playoff spot in the western conference. 


The Golden State Warriors have managed to capture four titles in 10 years, becoming one of the greatest dynasties professional sports has ever seen. But this season felt far from another one of those championship seasons, as suspensions and major  questions regarding the team’s future would cloud the team all throughout the season. 


The Warriors now enter the offseason with some huge decisions to make. Klay Thompson will be an unrestricted free agent this offseason, and because of the league’s new collective bargaining agreement, as well as team owner Joe Lacob expressing a desire to get out of the luxury tax, Thompson could potentially find himself out of the picture in the Warriors’ future.  


While it’s very well possible that Thompson finds a way to remain with the team, his rapid decline in his 3-point production recently has no doubt been a detriment for them in many moments throughout the season. Tuesday’s loss would be no exception, as Thompson went 0-10 from three-point range that night.  


Stephen Curry, after the game, kept speaking on his desire to keep their core of Thompson and Green together for as long as possible. While Curry’s words will always hold a ton of significance to Golden State, the front office will have to make a decision that’s best for the franchise. It will certainly be interesting to see the path they choose to take, as we could very well be seeing the beginning of the end of this legendary dynasty.


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