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Eugene Bertrand | Staff Writer

Putting it out there.

Laying it on the line.

Even if it breaks my heart, I’m willing to give it a try.

Not waiting for the next opportunity to confess, too late.

Here it goes: Out of breath, it's do or die.

Being your soldier when you’re too weak to stand

My darling, little grace of sand.

At the end of my day, I love all of you is what I have to say.

I promise I won’t fall even though I don’t know if you’re feeling me at all.

Finished with this poem, trying not to ball.

Because I know once I release this into the free world, your skin may crawl and everything will fall.

Here we go. Got through another second without you.

Going through the motions because there isn’t another way.

I swear that I can feel you. Unsure if I’m asleep or awake.

Every second, I took it for granted, never again.

Counting down the days, until I’m over you.

Counting down the days, until I’m not being played.

Counting down the days, trying not to lose myself in the process.

Counting down the days, trying not to focus on you.

Counting down the days, trying to keep my train of thought.

Counting down the days, running out of words to say

Counting down the days, because all I can do is pray.

Counting down the days, until I can finally get over you.

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