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Beyonce Announces New Album

Stacey Addo | Arts & Entertainment

Beyonce/ Instagram/ 2024

During the Superbowl, Beyonce announced that she was releasing a new album entitled “Act II” on March 29th. 

In a commercial with Verizon, Beyonce attempts to break Verizon the same way she’s previously broken the internet. In the commercial, she starts a Lemonade recreating the yellow lemonade look, becomes a streamer, starts Beyonce-AI, and more as she attempts to break Verizon. When she can’t, she says, “Okay they ready, drop the new music,” and the Bey-hive went crazy.

That night she dropped two songs, “Texas Hold Em” and “16 Carriages”. After her highly successful Renaissance album, many fans were surprised that both songs were country. While she has done a country song in the past entitled “Daddy Lessons”, it is speculated that much if not all of the album will contain country music influences. And it seems the singer was dropping hints about this with her country-themed Grammy outfit on Feb.4.

Along with her upcoming album on Feb. 6, Beyonce announced her hair care brand Cécred (pronounced sacred) on her Instagram. The brand is expected to have a full range of haircare products and will be available on Feb. 20, 2024.


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