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Best Offenses in History Collide for the Premier Lacrosse League Championship

Joe Paige | Sports Editor

Two of the best offenses in professional lacrosse history will go head-to-head in the Premier Lacrosse League Championship this Sunday at Subaru Park in Chester, PA. The reigning champions, The Waterdogs, are looking to repeat against this year's #1 team in the league, The Archers. The Waterdogs are led by their explosive attackman Michael Sowers, one of the best passers the game has ever seen, and who was also named MVP of the championship game just last year. The Archers, who’ve so far completed every regular season with a winning record, are led by their sharpshooting midfielder Tom Schreiber. Despite their regular season dominance, this will be the Archers first championship appearance.

This is a story of two titans on a collision course, these are the two best teams all boiling down to this moment, just look no further than the last time these teams faced each other. The first was in week 6, the Archers would come out on top against the Waterdogs 18-19, which would be the highest scoring game in the regular season. The other was during the regular season finale in week 10 that went down to the last minute, the Waterdogs ended up defeating the Archers in a close 13-14 game. The fact that both games were decided by the last play shows how evenly matched these two teams are.

Although these two teams feature high powered offenses, defense is what wins championships, fortunately neither team lacks in that department. Both teams possess talented goalies, who are both coincidentally from Canada, in seven-year veteran Dylan Ward for the Waterdogs and Brett Dobson for the Archers. Much like Football or Hockey, a formidable defensive unit can really disrupt a matchup, changing the course of the game.

For the Waterdogs, winning this game means successfully achieving back-to-back championship seasons, and entering what could be a dynasty for the franchise. For the Archers, it means ascending from just dominating the regular season, to finally getting the job done in the postseason. The championship game will take place this Sunday at 1pm eastern standard time.


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