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What’s New With Netflix?

Jessica Vieira | Opinion Editor

A new month incoming includes new shows and movies to watch on Netflix. The beloved subscription streaming service famous for its free movies and shows that come and go due to licensing agreements has a new batch of leaving and incoming things to watch. Not only are many shows and movies leaving the site, but the founder and co-CEO, Reed Hastings, is leaving as well. He is stepping down from his position and now will be serving as executive chair, leaving the company to the newest co-CEOs Ted Sarandos and Greg Peters. Hastings is quoted saying that “Even founders need to evolve” in his announcement, but the evolution of a company might not entirely be the only reason why he is stepping down.

Hastings created Netflix in 1997 to compete against stores like Blockbuster. It was of course so profoundly successful that Blockbuster’s is completely obsolete. The service has been up for twenty-five years now and has 231 million users worldwide. In 2022 Netflix’s profits plummeted, however, due to subscribers logging out and cancelling subscriptions. People are unsubscribing from streaming services like never before and this might be because of rising fees, stricter account sharing rules, and competition. As a response, Netflix has introduced some lower prices and more sponsors to help. There will be ads, but so far, the lower price seems worth it to users. These actions has had its benefits, as the subscriber count is rising already, and is projected to rise more as the new year goes on.

In the nature of the internet, Hastings’ stepping down is of course facing some controversy online. Some people on twitter have joked that he has chosen to shut down popular and well liked shows that have been running for while on his streaming platform just to leave. What this means for the future of Netflix is that it will run on with different leadership, and competitive prices.

With that, here’s some of what’s leaving Netflix in February 2023, and what’s taking their place.


· Dragonheart: Vengeance

· The Paper Tigers

· H2O: Just Add Water: Seasons 2-3

· Versailles: Seasons 1-2

· One Piece: Alabasta

· One Piece: East Blue

· One Piece: Enter Chopper at the Winter Island

· One Piece: Entering into the Grand Line

· Monster High: Electrified

· Air Force One

· Cake

· Coach Carter

· Margin Call

· Scream 4

· Shutter Island

· Sorry to Bother You

· Walking Tall

· The Forest

· Mr. Right

· Term Life

· No Escape Room

· Bert Kreischer: The Machine

· Sin senos sí hay paraíso: Seasons 1-3

· Zach Galifianakis: Live at the Purple Onion

To Be Added:

· Arctic

· Bad Boys one and two

· Call Me By Your Name

· Eat, Pray, Love

· Flushed Away

· It (2017)

· La La Land

· Spy Kids Four

· Survivor Season 32

· The Great British Baking Show, Season 6

· The Lord of the Rings trilogy

· The Pursuit of Happyness

· Underworld

· Dear David season one

· House of Life, season one

· My Dad The Bounty Hunter season one

· You, season four


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