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Warrior's Dream

Malek Allari | Editor-In-Chief

I lay down on the ground, wounded by this damned war. A war created by hatred, greed, ego, and selfishness. We are merely pawns and puppets controlled and commanded by our superiors we call King and General. Have we ever asked what the consequences are? What if we lost many men? Are we, warriors, really that useless to our superiors? Our lives, sacrificed while you are at home, sleeping at peace. Is it really fulfilling for our emptiness? Is war really worth it in the end?

A gunshot made me come to my senses. I was still in the middle of the field. A field dirtied by blood and sickness. I tried to move, but I could not feel my limbs. I looked down at my body, all I saw was my upper body. I had…I had lost my arms and legs. I cannot feel pain, I can only feel myself loosening my grip on what we call Life. Is it really precious? I can only tell because of my family and friends. After all, they are the only ones waiting for me.

Looking down at my body, I can only say that death awaits me too. My humorous self never fails to come at the worst of times. Even death waits for me, but as long as I have a strong will, he wastes his time on me. Can I really no longer feel pain? I lost one of my human traits, but what is the meaning in that? Do we finally find peace if we die and no longer feel pain? Or do we reincarnate and be reborn to another body and time? So many questions are left unanswered. That is the mystery of Life. A mystery that leaves us hanging to our fears and desires. A mystery that makes us question what it is that we want? What is it that we are brought here? What is our…What is our…? A mystery unraveled by human dreams and achievements.

“What are we as humans?” I asked as I saw a raven flying by. According to science, we are animals that walk on two legs and use our gift of minds. According to philosophy, we are merely organisms living in a vast universe that we claim to be our own. But we are more than that. I looked around and saw trees, the wheat fields, and the abandoned hut that I lie at its doorsteps. Uselessness is what we are to believe. Humans, every single one, is as useful as our necessities of food and water; however, to what extent? What am I useful in? A dying warrior with no legs and arms.

All I am useful in is to deliver my…What is our…? Is it? No, that would not be it. No one cares about others’ dreams until they are accomplished. I am really disappointed in our world. After we die, do we have another chance? If so, what if this is our last? Even if we do reincarnate, it means that our previous life was meaningless. A trash or a failed experiment that is nothing but meant to be discarded? If so, aren’t we all are going through a cycle of Life and Death. It is all meaningless, all this fighting and suffering. Even if we reincarnate, it was never meaningless. We could do something now that will positively affect our future, that is if we ever reincarnate. Even in death, we could still help and protect our loved ones.

Life is all about suffering and sacrifice, that is, to warriors and beggers. It is a comedy show for politicians and people in power. It is an excellent lesson to philosophers and men of science. It is all a great story to authors and dreamers. Life is a mystery unfolded by our final messages to the generations to come.

Power is the desire of politicians and people in power. Fame and prizes are the desires of philosophers and men of science. Imagination and an escape from reality are the desires of authors and dreamers. As for warriors and beggars, all that we desire is the simplicity of peace. The sweetness of it, a honey to our illness. A white dove never symbolizes peace, for its color is only for a fraction of humanity; it was always our hearts and love, the same to all races and types of organisms.

Peace, that is my dream, but a dream that is not realizable. Peace can never be achieved as long as there is something that lives inside of us. Emotions, humanity’s greatest enemy, for we act upon what they are. It is possible, for we humans, to suppress our emotions, but not forever. Keeping such powerful, yet invisible force locked inside us for long will lead to an explosion in our hearts and minds. With an explosion like that, our bodies are meant to rebel. And as we are slowly losing control over our bodies, we are slowly drowning deeper into madness. In the end, we will be consumed by fear and madness.

But who are we as humans to try to stop and defy this divine cycle that has bestowed on us? If there is something that answers our mysteries, life will become meaningless. We keep on living because we still have these mysteries that we need to unravel. As a result, we keep on living this cycle that is bound to our souls. In each life, we are meant to experience love, hate, pain, solace, despair, and hope. With these, war and false peace will also emerge.

We all have our final messages to deliver. And as long as we humans are not in control of all the universe, even the most powerful is also a pawn and a slave to the cruelty of Life and the peace of Death. I lay down, now, defeated by the human war. I closed my eyes and dreamt of the day when I threw my weapon aside and achieved peace while shaking hands with my enemies.

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