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Top 10 Best (and Easy) Gifts to Give Your Mom this Mother's Day

Anonymous | Contributing Writer

Mothers day is right around the corner and college students head back home just in time to celebrate. But, you’ve been drowning and finals and haven't had the chance to even think about what to get for her. Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Here are some gift ideas to show mom you truly appreciate her! 


  1. A suncatcher 

Suncatchers are often handmade which can add a personal touch to your gift! 

  1. Plants 

A plant can be as low as $6!  

  1. Framed family picture 

  1. Fresh Flowers 

Flowers can be found at your local grocery store. You can pick out moms favorite flower. 

  1. Jewelry  

Last Mother’s Day, it was averaged that 31 billion dollars was spent on Jewelry. 

  1. Beauty products and lotions  

  1. DIY gift! 

  1. A mug 

There are a ton of mother’s day mugs out there. Its a nice practical gift that holds her morning coffee before work. It can also have sentimental value. There are many websites that allow you to personalize items and add a special mothers day message. A mug can add a little love to her daily routine! 

  1. A day to herself 

Rather than a physical gift, maybe she wants a day to relax! Do all the chores, wipe down the counters, sweep, mop, and light candle while she relaxes outside.  

  1. A candle 

Lastly, a good backup is always a candle. As college students we might not be able to spend too much money on a gift. A go-to is a nice smelling candle. Make sure you know her favorite scent and buy it.  


Choosing the perfect gift for your mom on Mother's Day is a thoughtful way to show your appreciation for her love and support. Whether you opt for a sentimental gift, a relaxing experience, or a practical item that suits her interests, the best gifts are those that truly reflect your love. Consider her personality and preferences. You can select a meaningful gift from this list that reflects the gratitude and admiration you have for her. Even though these are gift ideas, it is important to remember that Mother’ Day is not just about the gift itself, but the sentiment behind it. 



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