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The Resurgence of Vinyl Records

Mikayla Leskey | Staff Writer

Vinyl records, a staple of the past, have started to have a resurgence over the past few years. Grossing over 632 million dollars last year, and outselling CDs for the third year in a row. From music enthusiasts to large corporations, people are trying to figure out why there is a sudden revival of the vinyl record. Some think that it's older generations buying them to cherish their childhood, while others believe it’s the younger generation copying past trends. Some blame it on music artists wanting to make even more money than they already do, or perhaps people are buying these records because the sound quality is better. All four are true, to a certain extent.  

Older generations have started flocking back towards vinyl records as a way to remember their childhood. To reminisce on their past and to throw themselves back into the moment of prom or their first kiss. Nostalgia is a powerful drug, so when people hold their favorite song in their hands, it’s a reminder of the simpler times of life, of when everything made sense to them. 


Meanwhile, younger generations have just started discovering these physical records. It’s a tangible experience for them, something they can grasp onto and share with their friends easily. Generation Z, people born from 1997-2012 grew up in a digitized world, we never knew the familiarity of going to record shops and listening to music. We’d only ever hear tales and stories of it from our parents and grandparents. Vinyls allow us to focus back on life and put away our phones.  

Most companies keep their eyes on current trends, current music artists have begun to release vinyl records of their music. If Generation Z is aware of anything, it’s the amount of money workers and artists make. Gen Z loves being able to support their favorite artists, and since music artists don’t make much money from streaming services, Gen Z doesn’t hesitate to support them by buying their merchandise.  

As well, the sound quality of vinyl records is better than streaming services. There’s a quality about them that you can’t put into words. It’s the small imperfections and the warmth of vinyl records that streaming services can’t replicate. The digitized world is all about being perfect, yet vinyl records aren’t. It makes vinyl feel more familiar and safer in a way.  

Music is something that everyone loves, something that everyone will always have in common. It’s deeply imprinted in all our cultures, that it’s hard to escape it. It’s a reminder of love and the smaller moments in life. It’s a nostalgic feeling for both older and younger generations alike. Though vinyl records are nowhere near their golden era from the 1950s and 1980s, they’re becoming popular again. In a world where most people can only focus on differences and imperfections, vinyl records allow for these factors to become almost non-existent. Music is one of those things that will always connect us to one another, even if it feels like everyone is against each other.


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