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The New Big Sports Anime

Malek Allari | Editor-In-Chief

A new sports anime premiered three weeks ago, and fans are going crazy. Blue Lock is an anime show about a project created by a soccer genius and researcher trying to create the greatest soccer player in the world. Now, as it is considered to be the new big sports anime, some fans are saying Blue Lock is a great sports anime, especially when soccer is an international sport, and there is a lot of anime, stories, manga, comics, and other forms of literary art; moreover, when it comes to soccer, it will never beat Inazuma11, which is considered the father of all soccer anime.

As the story of Blue Lock progress with the main character, Yoichi Isagi, an unknown soccer player who wants fame as an international striker, Blue Lock becomes a program where strikers from all around Japan bring out the ego and selfishness of the player. Failing the tests in this program prevents the players from ever playing soccer in the Japanese national team, no matter how much the player, who failed, improved.

Now, the anime itself and the story progression are great; however, it will not be as great and exciting as Inazuma 11, which is the soccer anime talking about a high school soccer team that provides individual stories about its players and their growth throughout their journey through soccer. As for Blue Lock, not only are the players not mentioned again, for now, but it only shows the growth of the monster and ego of Yoichi Isagi, the main character. Now, since the anime and story are centered around one character, there is a high possibility that the story ends with his success and that he will stay in the program until the end. It is expected that the plot armor would be strong, but there are some who hope that such a plot armor would not happen and that Yoichi Isagi faces some challenges that will be too great for him to succeed, maybe then, his growth will spike off the charts.


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