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Super Mario Bros Movie Breaks Box Office Records

Fernando Jeronimo | Advertising Manager

One of the most anticipated movies, Super Mario Bros came out in theaters on April 5th, 2023 and did not disappoint. The movie stars Chris Pratt playing Mario, Anya Taylor-Joy playing Princess Peach, Charlie Day playing Luigi, and Jack Black playing Bowser. The film cost was reported to be around $100 million to make and broke that in revenue within the first week it hit theaters. In the first five days, the movie hit $200 million at the domestic box office and $377.5 million globally and it did not stop there. The movie has set multiple box-office records along the way in this last month. Here are all the records that have been set by the Super Mario Bros movie.


  • - Highest-grossing debut of 2023

  • - Biggest five-day opening of all-time (Note: based on movies opened on Wednesday)

  • - Highest-grossing debut for Illumination

  • - Second-biggest debut ever for an animated movie

  • - Highest-grossing debut for a video game adaptation International

  • - Biggest opening of 2023

  • - Second biggest animated opening of all-time

  • - Biggest Illumination of all-time

  • - Biggest video game opening of all-time Global

  • - Biggest opening of 2023

  • - Highest Illumination opening of all-time

  • - Biggest video game opening of all-time

  • - Highest animated opening weekend ever for Imax

With the movie already eclipsing past $1.2 billion, it currently sits 4th highest grossing animated movie ever as it continues to climb. Mexico is the second highest grossing country with just over $80 million behind domestic with a whopping $535 million. Overall, this is a movie that has brought many family and friends to movie theaters and producers have already talked about possibly coming out with a sequel. This is not a surprise due to how well it has done being in theaters for just over a month now. Many

people who have yet to check out the movie, I strongly recommend going to watch the hour and a half film that will not disappoint you.


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