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Secrets in a Gum Wrapper

Malek Allari | Editor-In-Chief

A ten-year-old child once existed. He loved his family unconditionally, but they only used his kindness for themselves. His sisters used him as a hanger when they went on shopping for hours under the blazing sun. His brothers used him as a punching bag so that they could get stronger and protect the family. His father used him as an excuse to drink and smoke. And his mother, the worst of all, had used him to feed her pleasures. However, the kid grew up manipulated by his blood relatives, yet he smiled and talked about them with pride.

The most hateful thing about this kid’s upbringing was the fact that he always had a smile. The “great” environment he lived in. His unwavering emotions towards his family kept him sane. He was the sanest in a world of madness. He was so sane to the fact that he was labeled the craziest. He had a pure heart, or at least that is what people believed. He was indeed the most evil. He is the incarnation of a demon who feeds on the blood and flesh of the mad. He finds the sweetness of their corrupt hearts the most appealing, and their brains are the bitterest.

It all started when the child became fifteen, and he realized that this world of madness and corruption was only fair to those deemed strong. Yet, he found the strength to do one thing…murder. He murdered his father with a fork, stabbing him twenty times in his abdomen and thighs, causing him to bleed. As for his siblings, the child killed them by hanging them from the ceiling of the attic and basement. For the mother, his sweet mother, who wept and begged for forgiveness, was killed using her own pleasures. For the pain she experienced was greater than what her body could handle. She died naked on the bed beside her husband’s body.

The child is on the run, or at least he has been for six years. On the day he turned twenty-one, he fell in love with a girl his age. The love was unwavering. His loyal and blind emotions betrayed him once more. So he put down all his secrets on a gum wrapper she gave him once. A gum that was destined to break hearts. The secret was never known to the public, but the ones who read it are now in therapy and mental hospitals. It is said that some even committed suicide. Depression was the only product of that equation. The public is curious. It is human nature, after all.

People still wonder what was written in the wrapper, and there are cons out there trying to sell it for millions and billions of dollars. It is a predictable move, and the young man who wrote it knew it would happen. He wrote a letter to his wife, who he married after two nights of dating. The letter was written in jail, which is not as a mystery as the gum wrapper. However, it did not break anyone’s heart, but rather their mentality. The demon that resided in the young man was as evil as Lucifer. It could even be his son, for all the knowledge in the world could not prove it.

The only thing that could be proven was the young man’s love for the woman he courted for six months before he killed her. His eyes were blazing red that night. It was a dark night in the woods, and eery silence could be heard, for the wildest predators could not dare to move. He killed her by sticking a knife in her abdomen, and as she screamed from the pain, he shoved burning coal down her throat. “Mom?” he asked as he looked at his girlfriend’s dead body. He put his hands on his head and screamed. He screamed. He took the dead body to the woods, and as he looked for a spot to hide it, he sang, “Beneath the stains of time. The feelings disappear. You are someone else. I’m still right here.” His voice traveled between the woods, scaring the animals, for it was an unusual sound. He coughed and sighed and went back to singing.

Once he found a spot, the young man started digging a hole with his hands. It took him hours and hours, or at least that’s how it felt. And once he put the body wrapped in white cloth in the hole, he started crying. His tears ran down his face and continued traveling down his neck. “A killer’s instinct. That’s all I have,” he mumbled to himself. He covered the hole back, leaving the body in the depth of the abyss. He cried. His tears kept running down his face as he left.

The young man was caught. He got caught out of folly. His master skills of killing and running were the top in the world. If he could become a ruler of a country, it would be a country of mercenaries, killers, and hookers. A country that lived on a cigarette’s smoke, the smell of gunpowder, and the color of blood. So, he got caught storming into the sheriff’s office, pleading with him to take away from society, for there would be victims of his bloodlust. The sheriff took the young man to a cell and called everyone related to him. The sheriff found no one. No one knew about the young man; if they did, they feigned ignorance. The sheriff took the young man to a cell.

The young man died two years later in prison. According to the samurai, he died an honorable death. According to American society, he died like the scum he is. No one asked what had happened to him. No one cared what he had. No one cared what was so important about such a criminal. But a group knew all about it.

A group of fanatics of such a young killer died at the age of twenty-three. They remembered all too well about one possession that was more valuable than gold and silver. It was the gum wrapper. The secrets inside depressed and killed people. A wrapper that sent people to live behind medications and screams. They found it. They found the wrapper. They dug up the grave of the young killer and found it among the remains of his bones. He hid it in his body. The wrapper read:

“For those reading this, I am pretty sure that you heard the stories of my life. The young boy who got abused by his own family and ended up killing them. It is funny how people see the world through their own lens and then try to make it factual and reality. The truth is, I never killed my family. I loved them. I loved them so much, it hurt. That is one of the secrets.

The second secret is the most important. I never existed. This gum wrapper never existed. It was all in your head. It was all in someone’s head who put it down on paper. My life was fiction and fiction that you never wanted to read or hear. Some of you might have liked it, but others might have criticized it. But let me tell you this, fiction is as fun as killing. For killing is, by meaning, ending something, and to kill is to end. I was killed by my own writing, and my story was killed by the readers. The mind of humans is fascinating, but what’s more fascinating is the fact that it creates creations out of imagination. It becomes a reality at some point.

Now, go scream. To be free. Go kill. But most of all, hurt someone, especially yourself. There is no sweeter medicine than the fact that you can see your own blood and still have the brightest smile you ever had.”

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