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Only Murders in the Building Renewed for Season 4

Stacey Addo| Arts and Entertainment Editor

Only Murders in the Building/ Hulu/ 2023

Only Murders in the Building has been renewed for a fourth season on Hulu. If you’re looking for a cozy mystery, this is the show for you!

The show follows Mabel, Oliver, and Charles and stars Selena Gomez, Martin Short, and Steve Martin. The three are strangers in the Acronia, an apartment building in Upper West Side New York. They meet after discovering they’re all obsessed with the same true crime podcast. After finding themselves in the middle of a murder case, the three decide to investigate it themselves and start their own true crime podcast entitled “Only Murders in the Building.”

Season three followed the trio as they investigate the actor Ben Glen Glenroy who was poisoned on the opening night of Oliver's play. The series also featured numerous additions including Meryl Streep, Jesse Williams, and Ashley Park. (spoiler alert) At the end of the season, they set up the mystery for season four, the death of Charles' stunt double Sazz.

Showrunner John Hoffman teased The Hollywood Reporter that the fourth season will explore consequences. But as for what consequences he’s talking about, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Hulu noted that the return of Only Murders was the “most views” of any scripted Hulu original in 2023. The show has been critically acclaimed and won numerous awards and nominations.

Personally, I have thoroughly enjoyed this show. The characters are all unique and funny in their own ways, the mystery of each season is captivating, and it keeps the suspense and mystery that I love from the genre without any gore. If you planning on having a night in this Halloween, this show is perfect to add to your list if you’re looking for something to watch.


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