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Midnight Snack

Malek Allari | Editor-In-Chief

I woke up, and it was the middle of the night on a winter week, in the middle of December. It took me a minute to realize that I was awake and I needed something to drink. I got out of bed and went to the kitchen. The full moon reigned the cloudy sky, and the sun reigned the moon’s face. It was fascinating how time and the world worked in sync. A system set upon us by a mysterious power.

I opened the fridge and got a bottle of water. I was ready to take a sip until my eyes caught the dim existence of a chocolate bar on the kitchen counter. My mind started saying, “Eat it.” “Why?” I thought. “Don’t ask me, kid,” my mind replied. I took a step towards the kitchen counter. As I extended my arms to reach the chocolate bar, I felt sweat running down my face. My body was screaming, “Error!” over and over. The light of the kitchen turned on, and my son walked in. He looked at me with fear in his eyes. He turned around to leave, but I coughed. He stopped in his tracks. “What are you doing down here?” I asked. I heard a gulp coming from him and then replied, “A sip of water?” “Are you answering or asking?” I asked. My son shocked his head. I took the chocolate bar, opened it, and ate half. I gave the other half to my son. “Just don’t tell your mother,” I said with a blatant bribe.

As I was leaving, my son asked, “Can we get pizza?” Yes, I thought. “No,” I replied. “I am gonna tell mom.” “That’s cheating.” “I know.” “Tsk. You really are my son,” I finished. Twenty minutes later, I was having a veggie pizza with my son. Just as I was about to take my first bite, my wife walked on us. My mind started to scream, “Shit!” and I started to see a red light. She stopped halfway in the entrance. I slapped my son on the back of his head, and his slice went flying from his mouth. “What are you doing down here?” my wife asked. “A sip of water?” I replied as I saw the puzzling look on my wife’s face. “Does a sip of water include a veggie pizza?” she asked. I gulped, not knowing how to answer. She repeated the same question. I felt her cold stare for a second, and a cold breeze came down my spine. I shook my head. She took a step towards me, and I took one backward. She took a slice of pizza and ate it. “This is the last time, ok?” she asked. I nodded and then glared at my son, who nodded in return.

After my wife went inside, I sighed and sat down to eat. Seconds later, my wife came back and sat down with us to eat some pizza. My son had a mischievous smile on his face, and I shook my head at him. He nodded and asked, “Mom?” She looked at him, and I know I will be sleeping on the couch tonight. “Dad gave me a half chocolate bar before the pizza.” “You basta—” I said before I felt a slap on my face.

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