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Love for Snow

Malek Allari | Editor-In-Chief

As someone who came all the way from Saudi Arabia, I got to say that my love for snow is so big that it covers New England with a snowstorm. As of last weekend, I can say that I have seen snow four or five times in my life. I am fully aware that there are people out there who hate the snow, one of them is my father. I totally understand the reasons.

One of the many reasons that people hate the snow is the depressing vibes it gives. The depression that people get when they stay at home while snow is falling outside and there is no sign of our beautiful sun. Moreover, depression increases when people become aware that there are other creatures living inside that snow, whether they are animals or humans who have no place to go. Although we are comforted in our homes, with the cozy vibe of the fireplace and the hot chocolate in our hands, we will never to the connection we have with others. The stranger outside in the open, while they were freezing to death or the animals that lost their homes due to deforestation.

Another reason is that the snow is a symbol of death. When someone dies, whether in the movies or in real life, they always feel ice cold. That is also depicted in some mythologies. Because it is winter, and snow comes with a huge drop in temperature, many die. From crops to animals to people, snow brings death to all of us. And in some rare cases, there is the myth that people who see snow in their dreams means that they are at death’s door.

While snow can symbolize many things, it always goes back to how the person wants to view it. To me, snow symbolizes the entertainment and the comfort of the blanket that I can not have any time of the year. As someone who can only sleep when it feels cold, snow is the perfect time for me to have a long, deep sleep. Other than long sleep, snow actually helps with creativity in many ways. For example, when someone sees snow outside, they immediately think of staying in and never going outside. However, some people take the time of staying in to draw something, play with friends and family, and sometimes just have hot chocolate in hand and listen to music. For me, I am writing this article with a smile on my face because I am waiting for pizza.

Another benefit of snow is the heaviness it gives to your body, helping you burn more calories and fat by building a snowman, having a snowball fight, or just running and jumping on a pile of snow. If you have little siblings like I do, they will cry their eyeballs out for you to build them an igloo just so that they can look at it and then leave it to melt.

Another funny benefit of snow is that there is no need to use electricity for the refrigerator. You want your beer or drink cold, surround it with snow. You want your food a little bit colder, go outside and eat as hot as it can be.

While people hate the snow, the snow cries and go away within a week. Sometimes, if we welcome the snow with open hands, it will give us times and memories better than the burning sun and suffocating humidity of the summer.


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