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Halloween Ends: Michael’s Final Massacre?

Jordan Navarro | Staff Writer

As Halloween creeps in closer, let’s look at one of the most iconic slashers in film history. Directed by John Carpenter, starring Julie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode and Nick Castle as Michael Myers, we are introduced to Michael Myers. Making his first kill by murdering his teenage sister who was babysitting him on Halloween night. Fifteen years later, he escapes from his asylum and returns to his home. Michael returns to his hometown and he stalks a teenage girl named Laurie Strode and killed anyone who gets in his way. She is the sole survivor of Michael Myer’s massacre.

Halloween put itself on the map when it debuted in 1978. Since then, it has continued to spawn a franchise of thirteen movies in total. A 2007 and 2009 remake directed by Rob Zombie, and even being a playable character in the popular horror video game, ‘Dead by Daylight’. Michael Myers made a return in 2018 with a new reboot trilogy, directed by David Gordon Green.

In this new trilogy, Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Castle reprise their memorable roles. We are introduced to Laurie Strode’s daughter and granddaughter, who soon come to find out why Laurie has been paranoid and preparing for the return of Michael for decades. Michael Myers has escaped the confines of his asylum and returns home, just like the original. However, he is in a world where he is treated like an urban legend. Where kids tease each other about how Michael is going to kill them in their sleep and where adults are still recovering from the trauma that Michael caused. When Michael returns, he reopens old wounds and wreaks carnage in the small and supposedly safe suburb. Laurie takes to the streets to hunt down Michael and end his rampage once and for all. In the end of the first movie, we see Michael being burned alive by Laurie’s fortified home.

But it’s not so easy to kill Michael, and he is able to escape the fire and continue his killing spree in the sequel, Halloween Kills. In the sequel, the town residents decide to rise up and kill Michael Myers once and for all. With the town united on a singular goal, and Laurie and the family still in the fight. Michael continues to prowl the night and make quick work of whoever tries to stop him. In the end, the town’s efforts were in vain, and Michael disappears into the night.

In this final installment of the trilogy, we take a four-year time skip after the events of Halloween Kills. Michael returns to the town and hunts down Laurie Strode, his only surviving victim. Laurie takes him on this challenge and they both hunt each other down for one final showdown. Will The Shape of Halloween be put down for good? Or will Michael return for more reboots? See Halloween Ends in theaters, since October 14th.


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