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Fact or Fiction: Rapper P. Diddy Accused of Trafficking & Abuse Amongst Other Crimes

Megan Hayes | News Editor

Footage of Comb's Miami home raid, side by side with Sean "Diddy" Combs. / Reuters, Getty Images

Rapper Sean Combs, also known as "P. Diddy" or "Puff Daddy" is currently facing some serious allegations after two of his houses in LA and Miami were raided by US Homeland Security. Combs is a well known and prominent artist responsible for signing some of the biggest rappers and artists we know today like Mary J. Blige, Notorious B.I.G., and Jodeci. However, our opinion of this R&B celebrity is changing as more and more allegations come out about his involvement in sex trafficking, sexual abuse and rape.

Combs continuously and strongly denies any of the allegations that are being made against him, and his legal team are calling these thwarts "money grabs" and "baseless". However, many are looking back to one of Combs's former partners, a woman named Cassandra Ventura who filed a lawsuit against him for beating and sexually assaulting her, as well as forcing her into "unwanted sexual encounters with male sex workers". This is turning some heads, as a day after the lawsuit was filed in November of 2023, it was settled for an unspecified amount of money. Again, Combs's legal team denied the claims, saying that the settlement was "in no way an admission of wrongdoing".

In addition to Ventura's lawsuit, a producer who worked with Diddy named Rodney 'Lil Rod' Jones is coming forward about all of the illegal activity he witnessed in his time working for Combs between 2022-2023. Jones claims that in addition to Combs sexually harassed, threatened and drugged him repeatedly, he would also host "sex-trafficking parties" with allegedly underage girls and a wide spread illegal drugs. Jones also name-dropped some high profile names like Prince Harry, which Combs nce again disputed while saying it was "reckless name-dropping" and "pure fiction".

Since the original lawsuit was filed by Cassandra Ventura, more than 4-6 women have come forward with lawsuits claiming that they were sexually assaulted by Combs, with two of them being teenagers at the time of the assault. These lawsuits span a wider time period of November 2023 onward, and contain accusations of gang-rape, drugging, and non-consensual sexual activities, all against Combs.

Although none of these claims have been substantiated and there has been no evidence to disprove Combs from having committed these crimes, there is an ongoing federal investigation happening. Combs has taken the situation relatively well, and has returned to Instagram with a post about his toddler, only one of his seven children. Within the chaos, Combs has claimed innocence and said he will fight for his name and his family.


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