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Malek Allari | Editor-In-Chief

Devilman is a Japanese manga series serialized into an anime produced by Netflix in 2018 under the title Devilman Crybaby. Although they changed a little bit of the original story, they did not fail to hook the watchers with the scenes and emotions. Written and illustrated by Go Nagai, Devilman printed its name in history as one of the greatest mangas according to CBR (Comic Book Resources), an online community for mangas, movies, comics, and tv shows. The show can also be considered as one of the most sexual and violent shows Netflix has ever produced; watch at your own discretion

The manga starts with our main character, Akira, whose father discovered a demon village but was killed in the process. Akira grew up as an orphan and was raised by his father’s friend’s family. As he grew up, he made a friendship with Ryo Asuka. As his friendship progresses and as Akira lives like a typical teenager at a high school, Ryo urges him to go to a club to prove that demons existed. When they went to the club, all forms of the seven deadly sins were happening there, with rock music, people dancing, and lust all over the place. Akira wanted to leave, but Ryo told him to stay as he was recording everything. Then, one of the humans transformed into a demon, and the others began transforming too.

As the demons tried to attack Akira and Ryo, Ryo kept recording while Akira tried to escape with Ryo. However, when a demon was about to eat Ryo, Akira transformed into a demon with the instincts to protect his friend and get out alive. Later, the demon that Akira transformed into was the strongest demon after Satan.

I am not going to get deep into the story. Whether you read the manga or watch the anime, the ideas and general storyline are there. However, the manga does bring in some historical events and wars that were said to be the work of demons and evil, which kind of brings a philosophical and an in-depth view of what wars are. It also shows how demons existed in real life, but not as being with physical bodies, but how they are inside the human, urging the human to do evil things and sinning. It also speaks of no matter how good and pure you are, going to a place of sins will wake the demon inside of you.


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