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Chess Club: "To Live Like a King"

Hayden Smith | Contributing Writer

From brilliant to blunders, all moves in the Chess Club are accepted. The Chess Club offers all different levels of players, whether you are just learning or a Grandmaster. The club e-board encourages new methods of learning, promotes critical thinking skills, and creates a friendly environment all through the game of chess. We offer an online club as well on where you can practice and play members outside of the club. If you’re interested in chess tournaments, the club is also working to host one soon.

The chess club has a diverse group of members. Some fan favorite games to watch are Nate Kowinsky and Will Matos. Nate Kowinsky being the president's “prodigy” has a reputation at stake, while Will Matos just learned the game this September. Chess club members encourage each of them in making better moves and try to help them avoid blundering. If you are more experienced in chess, teaching newer players may help you to become a better player. Member Hayden Smith had only been playing for about a year when she joined the chess club and was not a great player. After being in the chess club for two months, she has improved her skills tremendously and understands the game on a deeper level. Another member, Henry Bustell will intimidate his players, especially when playing one of his favorite openings, the wayward queen. He played this move against Nate Kowinsky and the latter never saw it coming… Kowinsky tells Hayden Smith about his chess club journey this semester so far. “My experience in the chess club has been very enjoyable. At first I had no real interest in chess but getting involved with new things is the best way to grow as a person and make new friends. I look forward to learning how to improve my chess game or talk about life with the other members.” The club is very casual in that you do not have to be a great player or even know how to play. Members will also talk about their likes and dislikes if they are not up for a game of chess immediately, or some will bring their homework. The club’s e-board shapes a great dynamic within the club and its members.

The president, Tim Jaques, forms a concert within the club as he has all types of music from rock to pop sounding throughout the room. He extends an affectionate hand to all members as he makes it easy to talk to him about anything. Vice-president, Josh Ramirez, will make you laugh with his sense of humor and treasurer, Matt Marshall, is willing to help anyone learning chess skills. The secretary and public relations positions are open so, if you would like to boost your resume, come down to the chess club to fulfill your needs! The chess club meets every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:00-5:00 pm in the Stu, room 223. If you would like to be put on the mail list, please email


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