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CAB Fest

Sophia Henry | A&E Editor

On Sept. 22nd, during the week of Fall Fest, the Campus Activity Board (CAB) did a showing of “Cabin in the Woods.” It was supposed to be shown on Webb Lawn but due to weather it was shown in the Student Center theater instead. I decided to go during my study break and saw the event was well organized. Upon arrival, I got a free shirt which was nice. The movie was interesting at first but I ultimately ended up pretty disappointed.

The movie starts off with some college students who, as you can guess, are going on vacation to a cabin in the woods. Throughout, the movie keeps flashing to an office—leading the audience to wonder how the two settings connect. The audience soon learns the reason, which is actually very creepy.

As the plot ensues,the basement door “magically” opens from the floor. One of the guys in the movie claims that it must just be the wind, when it very obviously is not. While this happens the group of friends happen to be playing truth or dare; someone dares another player to go down the pathway in the floor that was just revealed. I t quickly becomes clear to the audience that the people in the office are controlling what is going on and it only gets more sinister.

When going down, the college students find a bunch of cool knick-knacks. Examples of items found include a music box, dolls, jewelry, a journal and many other things. One of the girls, Kristen, opens the journal and reads a bunch of strange diary entries that create an uncomfortable energy. On the following page there is some Latin. Fran, another member of the group, petitions for Kristen to not read it but she does so anyway not thinking anything of it. Everything seems normal afterwards so they move on to other activities out of boredom, partying again until they see zombie looking creatures come out of their graves outside of the cabin in the woods. That is when the real party ensues.

One by one the creatures slowly get to them. However, Fran is not affected by it. The people in the office keep sending out this smoke that can change the characters thoughts but it does not impact Fran because he keeps smoking weed. So, Fran—being the only lucid person, repeatedly attempts to tell his friends that something is wrong but they dismiss his warnings under the assumption that the weed is making him paranoid.

In the end only two members of the group survive. The part I found dumb was the overall motivation for plot. It turns out that the office had put together multiple groups of people, all to get killed by these creatures, because they made a deal with the devil. This deal basically stipulates that everyone in these groups had to be sacrificed in order to save the world, and each person holds a specific role. These remaining two survivors cause quite some panic since it puts the deal in jeopardy.

So did the world end or not? I guess you would have to watch the movie to find out.


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