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A True Weapon

Malek Allari | Editor in Chief

There are many misconceptions about what is a true weapon of mass destruction. It is

what humans put on paper, what they say, and how they say it. Without language, humans would be back in the Stone Age or even before that. Language is such a common practice that it is looked upon as not a dangerous thing to have, but language is what made the human race evolve so much that sometimes there are people who challenge the Creator. Language is a true weapon that should be feared. For it brings upon emotions and thoughts that create or destroy people, buildings, nations, and morals.

The truth behind language is the words and phrases that are used. You can create a

certain emotion by telling someone a specific word. Affection, anger, hatred, peace, fear,

courage, and sometimes, intimidation and destruction. It is fair to say that the only reason

humans fight each other is not just because of opposing thoughts or hatred towards each other but the language used behind the scenes.

I could look you deep in your eyes and say how much I love you, and most of the time,

you fall for it. Most of the time, your thought process starts to develop feelings of affection and love that were never there. Or I could say how a weak person you are, belittle and dehumanize you to the point where your whole well-being could break. I could talk about a future that could never happen and yet give you hope. I could declare war upon nations and individuals and then use the same language to manipulate others into fighting my own fights, leaving a battlefield with seas of blood, and me, on a chair at home enjoying a warm meal. Moreover, there would be mothers, fathers, lovers, and siblings mourning the death of the men and women who fell victim to my words.

Whether written or spoken, words change the course of human interaction and history.

How can humans know what happened thousands of years ago without it being written down? How could we tell that it is the truth? We just hope those who wrote it were sincere, but not necessarily. Some people lie through their teeth and hands and write false records of history. So how? How can we know it’s the truth? Our lives and the history we learned could be all a lie, and we could never know, for the language used will always seem true.

As humans, we sometimes question everything. But that questioning and looking

for answers could bring our demise. With language, we can convey messages and meaning to each other. We love to hear what we want to hear, never what we need to hear. People go around, traveling the world, climbing mountains, and swimming in the deep seas to find an answer. They will get many, but as long as they do not like it, they will never stop. As long as we can pleasure our ears into hearing the sweet lies that we’ve always wanted to hear, humans will live in an illusion that cannot be escaped unless we hear and understand the terrible truth that comes from it. These lies and truths are created none other by the language we speak. The language we write and hear.

Humans could conduct fake research about smoking so that it will never give you lung

cancer, and you will see a rise in smokers. You can start a movement that birds never existed and manipulate language at your disposal, and there will be people believing you. Language can bring out the art of manipulation in any human being. As long as it is strong and concrete, you shall be able to sit on the throne that rules over emotions, for manipulation is none other than the playfulness of psychology and emotions of the heart.

That is why language is a weapon. A weapon that, if used correctly, will transform into a

tool that brings unity and peace. However, since it is accessible to all, and it is a basic human

right in this place and age, it will always be a weapon that surpasses human limitations and bring peace and war. Destruction and creation. Love and Hatred. As long as there is a voice to it, language is nothing more but a weapon that is more fearful than a gun with a bullet in its chamber.


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