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The Horrors of Adulthood

Malek Allari | Editor in Chief

Humans are created to question. Moreover, there are questions that have no answers, vague answers, complete answers, and sometimes, it just depends. How about…when does adulthood starts? What makes an adult?

Adulthood is something that children yearn to become, a scary tale to teenagers and a lifestyle to “adults.” However, adulthood has no age. It strikes people when they least expect it. Some become adults at a young age, and some just never do. Therefore, there are a set of requirements for someone to become an “adult.”

First is responsibility. Responsibility plays a significant role in someone’s life. Since it is the peak of performance and education. Without responsibility, humans will blame each other and never progress. They will stay in one place, constantly and firmly believing that someone else will do what they need to do. Responsibility is the force that makes someone do a task because they know they have to. It is also the force that drives people to make mistakes and learn from them.

The second is maturity. Maturity is when the person knows what, how, and when to act. They know they need to be serious and when to be humorous at other times. They set a specific time to be serious and complete and fulfill their responsibilities; other times, they just sit around and relax. Maturity is not just the meaning of not acting childishly because, sometimes, the maturest mind is the one that keeps the inner kid alive.

The third is independence. Independence does not mean not asking for help or living alone. Independence means that you are strong enough to do what you must, ask for help when needed, and keep the good people around, for they will show you the light in your darkest times. Independence does not just mean physical, emotional, or mental; it also means materialistic independence. Having financial independence is the top requirement for an adult. Being in debt is not financial independence but rather a prison and shackles that people will not escape so long they keep asking for money they do not have. Financial independence also means NOT spending money that you do not have.

These are the three top requirements to become an adult. However, one cannot live without the other. One cannot be responsible without maturity. One cannot be mature without independence. And one cannot be independent without responsibility. These requirements are like triplets that will never be separated. Siblings that fight together, stand with each other, and bring the sweetest taste of results and success.


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