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Reality of Peace

Malek Allari | Editor-In-Chief

Let us pose a question. Is the world truly at peace right now? Some will answer yes, and some will answer no. Some will stand with the 5th amendment and say nothing. Another question. What if the whole world spoke one language, people looked the same (skin color and other appearances), served one country, and lived with a smile on their faces; would it be considered world peace? Some people will say that it is impossible, and some will wish for it. It might/not bring world peace, but it might/not bring equality.

Imagine if the world truly spoke the same language, had the same skin color, and lived with a smile. Would we be considered humans? Or robots? I know for sure that we will not be humans but might be robots. Robots all speak the language of algorithms and software, look the same inside out, and they will do anything they are ordered with a smile. Humans are different, whether we like it or not. Humans think differently whether we want it or not. It does not matter what humans think of and for themselves. What matters is that they are different. Differences bring inequality, poverty, wars, and even bar fights. So, is the world truly at peace?

The peace we believe that is running Earth now is all an illusion. Countries are fighting for economic power. People are fighting the pandemic and other major issues like poverty and hunger. Then, some random person says a couple of words about peace, and boom, a Noble Peace Prize is in their hands. Peace was never an option, whether we like it or not. It is a lie we love to say to cover the fact that we will never find the peace we truly want.

Peace, by definition, is not that you stopped fighting something and found a solution or not. Peace should be defined as an act when people know that they are different from each other, think differently, look differently, and in the very end, respect each other. Countries build armies and weapons to show strength. However, suppose there are two nuclear bombs set off somewhere in this world. In that case, humanity is a goner, whether we are talking about personality or creatures. We are spending money on something so useless that we will never use it on Earth. If we discover a UFO now, the first thing we will do as humans is not set off bombs on their disc-shaped ship, but we might invite them to Earth. Once we do that, we will feel superior to them and probably put them through harsh times.

We might want peace and illusion ourselves with a lie that not even the wall believes. Still, we will never find peace unless we come to peace with ourselves that no one is better than the other and that humans were created to respect and help each other, rather than fighting over who gets the red apple and who gets the yellow apple. Whether humanity wants to believe it or not, world peace will never be there no matter how much we work on it and want to achieve it.

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