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Majors & Minors Fair

Malek Allari | Editor-In-Chief

On Oct. 6th, 2021, the SGA hosted the Majors & Minors fair for all Eastern students. At the BTR, many departments were present to recruit first-year students and second-year students to join their majors or minor programs.

Many department heads attended to present on how their majors would benefit the future of the student and the world. It was also fascinating to learn that you can take a specific major or minor class without really being in that major or minor.

Students at Eastern can follow their interests by taking a class in a department that would help them in their careers. For example, as a creative writer, a student can take a psychology class that will help the student dig deeper into the character’s mind. They could also take a criminology class to write a mystery story or set up a crime inside the story.

Students were also provided more information about classes that they are planning to take next semester so that they can be ready for it when the time comes. Students also asked about the classes listed in the LACs requirements and acquired more information about the class than they would on eWeb.

Questions about careers and experience were asked and answered by the department representatives. Any student that needed clarification about a concept that a specific department use was clarified. The department made recommendations to students on what classes to take if they were interested in one or two areas of study that the major or minor could offer.

The departments also supplied the students with the majors and minors requirements for completion, making it simple for a student to understand the appropriate courses needed to fulfill a major or minor. This made it simple for the departments to recruit potential students, helping the field grow more.

The SGA’s major and minors fair was an outstanding and helpful event for students who are thinking of changing their majors or undecided first-year students. At the very end of the fair, the SGA gave out gifts, including stickers, pens, and cardholders.


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