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How Desperate Would You Be for Money?

Sophia Henry | A&E Editor

Squid Games is an Netflix original show that has taken the world by storm and put a new name to Korean pop dramas. Its dramatic, intense, and disheartening, as four hundred and fifty-six players join together to play different kind of games in order to win a cash prize. So what is so special about it? Sounds like just another game show right? Not even close, without knowing, this show turns sinister real quick.

So as the players enter the first game, the players go in confused. The first game is none other than “red light, green light,” the famous children’s game where if you say red light, players have to stop, if you say green light, you have to go, and if you don’t stop when the speaker says red light then you are out. Well, in this show, same concept, except in this show if you lose you get shot in the head. This goes for all the other games such as tug of war, marbles and glass stepping stones just to name a few.

So why would anyone want to participate in such a sinister game? two words: loan sharks and desperation. The one thing all of these players have in common is that all of them are in severe debt, to the point that Seong Gi-Hun, or player 256, had to sign away some of his organs because he couldn’t get the money, he also had a gambling addiction which is shown when a group of people were betting during a horse race and Seong kept going for more and more.

So essentially, the last person to live gets all the money. Sick right? Soon players start turning against each other and killing each other. They become selfish and brutal, wanting the torture to end, except for Seong. Seong stays loyal through-out the series, always wanting to work together as a team. Especially when the old man gets involved. Oh Il-nam is the oldest player out of the whole group, and in real life he is seventy-seven years old. When the audience first meets him you wonder why such an old person would want to be apart of something like that. That answer gets revealed, but you have to watch the show yourself to find out.

The last episode leaves room for viewers to assume a season two, which according to Google will come out sometime in 2022. Some think that it should’ve stopped there and that anymore will just be stretched out, but I’m curious what a season two could bring, I’m hoping some kind of revenge for the creators of such a cruel game.


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