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Breeze Hitting my Face

Malek Allari | Editor-in-Chief

The cold breeze kissed my face,

As it entered from the window.

I was sitting in the driver’s seat,

Watching a baseball game at a recreational park.

The sound of a dog’s collar rang in my ear,

Tack! The batter hits the ball.

I don’t really care about baseball,

But it was fascinating to watch the parents’ proud faces.

Little did they know that their son’s future was not baseball.

The sound of the dog’s collar disappeared,

And when I looked up,

It was sitting, looking at me.

An ice cream truck came,

With it came the screams of little children.

What a day!

Normal as any other.

I wish I was cloud.

Passing by with no care in the world.

When I want to, I can rain on the children,

Flood the ice cream truck.

And get that damn dog and its collar home.

Life would be simple.

Yet, it won’t.

Because the moment I rain,

I am shedding my last tears.

Then die after that.

How life is cruel.

It gives us many things,

In exchange for what we hold dear.

Life is peace and war.

While death is only peace.

It is easy to leave life,

But do we have the courage?

That dog is living its life.

Here I am, in my car,

With a breeze hitting my face.

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