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Appreciating Poptropica

Marcus Grant | Managing Editor

Created by Jeff Kinney, Poptropica is an online virtual world that has moved onto new platforms like the Nintendo DS, app, books, and more. The player creates a character and moves about the islands. They solve puzzles and complete tasks in order to play out the story and win medals. They can use said medals to purchase items and outfits for their character and house.

Because Poptropica does not run as it used to, I wanted to remember the game by talking about some of my favorite islands.

Astro-Knights Island

Astro-Knights was released to the public on June 10, 2009. The story followed the player as they learn about a scientist named Mordred, who brought advanced technology to the medieval world of the island. He began playing around with nature, which caused him to be put in jail by the king and queen. He ended up escaping and fleeing into outer space. The residents of the island believed that he died but there was a small group of people who believed he was still living in space. When the player starts the island, the princess has been abducted by aliens and the player must travel around space to save her and bring her home. By the end of the story, the player learns that Mordred has kidnapped the princess under his new name of Binary Bard.

Back Lot Island

Back Lot was released to the public on April 25, 2013. The player falls into a film set when trying to see if a movie is being made and ends up getting roped into helping out around set. They start off getting coffee and doing small tasks. Then, they begin to work on the actual production of the movie, doing things like filming, sound design, and editing. In the end, the player is able to watch the movie they created.

Reality TV Island

Reality TV was released to the public on March 24, 2010. The player lands on the island and learns of a reality TV competition that can grant them fame. So, they decide to apply to get it and get Bucky Lucas to give them a stamp. On the show, the player competes against seven other random characters (some from previous island and some new ones) in seven out of fourteen potential challenges. If the player doesn’t get voted off, they win a medal and can go back on the show to compete as many times as they want.

Escape From Pelican Rock Island

Escape from Pelican Rock was released to the public on December 30, 2015. After being framed for theft, captured by the police, and placed into the toughest prison around, the player must try to find a way out and to clear their name. They go about the daily routine of the prison, obtaining items that can help them to escape from the island. It’s a cycle of recreation, work, meal, and lockdown. On the eighth day, the player escapes from the island and evades the police as they reveal the true criminal. After the events of the island, the player finds out that they were able to put in a good word for the friends they met at Pelican Rock and they get to be free as well.

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