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Anime to Look Out for in 2022

Marcus Grant | Managing Editor

2022 is going to be a big year for anime fans of all genres. So far many big names have been announced so I wanted to go through and name some of the ones I am most excited about.

First up is Uzumaki. Originally, it was going to release this year but, due to COVID-19, studio Drive has said that they are pushing it back to October 2022. The anime will be four episodes long and based on the manga by Junji Ito, sharing the same title. The story follows various strange events that occur in the town of Kurouzo-Cho. Kirie and Shuichi, the two protagonists, are students who catch on to the apparent curse that seems to be affecting the town. The curse causes people to become obsessed with spirals and the main aspect of this horror show will revolve around the supernatural aspect of this curse.

Next up is Spy x Family, produced by WIT Studio. There is no specific release date for the show yet but it is expected to air sometime over the course of 2022. The plot will follow the manga written by Tatsuya Endo. Loid Forger, who goes by the codename “Twilight,” is tasked with putting together a fake family in order to take down his enemy. The family consists of an assassin, Yor, who acts as the mother, and a telepath, Anya, who is the daughter. Each member of the family has their own mission, which must remain unknown to the others.

To Your Eternity, to be produced by Brian’s Base, is receiving its second season. The show, based on the manga by Yoshitoki Ōima, is expected to return in the Fall of 2022. The plot follows an immortal creature referred to as “It.” It was sent to Earth in order to experience what it means to be human and can take on the shape of whatever it touches. After it meets a boy in the middle of nowhere, It decides to follow him, and the story branches out from there. Along the way, It has to defeat Nokkers, plant-like creatures who can steal Its transformations and the memories that accompany them.

The last show I want to call attention to going into the new year is one of my all-time favorites. Coming back for the second part of the fourth season is Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan. Like the last season, it will be produced by Mappa, who did an impressive job animating the first part of season four. The official release date for the show is January 9th, 2022 so that gives anyone who hasn’t gotten into it plenty of time to start watching. The plot follows a boy named Eren Yeager, who lives in one of the last locations humans are still able to live in. Before the story takes place, humans were driven to near extinction by the titans, gigantic humanoid creatures who attack humans and eat them. After his town is attacked, he joins the military branch known as the survey corpse- a group that ventures beyond the walls they live in to help keep the titans at bay. We follow Eren and his friends as they try to defeat the titans and are met with various twists and turns.

All and all, 2022 is going to be a very exciting year for anime watchers. Whether you are into more action-filled shows or like romances and comedies, there is something being released for just about everyone.


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