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Acting Opportunities on Campus

Rebecca May Ristow | A&E Editor

Do you like acting? Clubs like Drama Society or Film and Media Club have amazing ways to get involved, learn about the subject, and meet like-minded creatives. They’re open to anyone with an interest in the subject, no matter what your experience is and regardless of your major.

Drama Society has been a long standing club at Eastern for several years. However, many people may not know about it or are unsure how to get involved. This club has a very wide range of events, topics, and opportunities for students. Actors, who may not want the pressure of having nightly rehearsals or the time to commit to mainstage shows on campus, can join Drama Society for its lower-stakes productions and events.

In the Fall, students can participate in Reading Between the Lines, where actors produce student written scripts on stage. This event, which typically has only two-three rehearsals and one performance, allows actors to have scripts in hand and minimal blocking. Actors may also check out events like Crunch Time, where groups will write, direct, and act in short skits produced in just one weekend! This semester, Drama Society is even doing a musical theatre showcase for any students who love to sing, but haven’t yet had the opportunity to do so on campus.

The next set of Drama Society auditions will be March 23rd! These auditions will be for the Directing II showcase of one-act plays. Students who are interested in auditioning will go through the cold-read process and then get notified if they were cast, and if so, in which of the five plays. These shows will be memorized, with lights, blocking, and sound, but are far lower commitment than mainstage shows.

Drama Society is not the only club to get involved in if you’re interested in acting. Film and Media Club often makes anything from short form films to feature length. Every film needs actors! These films typically do not involve an audition process and they encourage anyone with an interest to get involved. This semester, Film Club anticipates making an entire feature length film that requires lots of extras!

Even if acting isn’t really your thing, these clubs are always open to people interested in crew and tech, especially with these big projects coming up. No matter what your experience is, and no matter what your interest, please reach out if you want to help!

You can find Drama Society @ecsudramasociety on Instagram, or email them at Film and Media Club can be found @ecsufilm or emailed at


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